Monday, January 24, 2011

What we've learned last week.

I'm sorry guys for not updating more often. I've been busy with a lot of things family, myself (not feeling 100% here) and with my other blog (makeup blog) and the gourmet class for beginners...Anyway here's an update on the gourmet class. It was last Friday where we learned roasting a perfect chicken, and appetizer and a dessert. The menu was requested by my students (a mix and match from my original menu).

It was a fun and enlightening class where i think both the students and i learn something new. I for one learn that i need to pre-prepare some of the ingredients (like chopped veges or what not) coz we ran out of time in just a blink....but i like better if the students chop their veges themselves that way they'll learn better, perhaps longer class time? And i'm happy that the students (i had 3 students in a class last week) really learn a lot about cooking, they requested that i didn't expose them to public coz they're embarrassed for being totally clueless in cooking or baking. But this much i can tell ya after the class it sparked cooking and baking interest in them and i'm glad. And actually their Roast chicken, appetizer and even the banofee pie all turned out fabulous especially knowing that they can't cook or bake as they prefer dining out. One of the students is soon to be married, she told me that she wanna be to at least know something to cook when she got married and she wanted to make her best impression to her future mother in law and going to roast the chicken again for her future MIL.

So anyway here the food they made. Its Fabulous everything is cooked perfectly and i'm proud of my students. Perhaps in the future I can add in a bonus where we can have a chef guest to give some gourmet cooking theory tips and stuff, it'll be exciting!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Gourmet at Home: Cooking Class with lynn

Gourmet @ home 

I am pleased to inform you that we are now open for Gourmet cooking & baking class designed for new cook (beginners). Learn how to cook like a PRO, impress your love ones with your cooking or baking, entertain your friends with your homemade food. 

Baking & Cooking is not hard, its easy and we'll make it easier for you! 
its a bargain, affordable fee and you'll get knowledge and skills like a pro.

our class will be conducted every Thursday & Friday. 
Time from 2pm-6pm (+-)
our fees is RM250/pax in average 
hands on class
students get to bring back their creations ;)
Our Location is in Bangi

We teach how to roast a perfect chicken & beef, desserts, pasta, finger foods, International/Western or local cuisine just to name a few to inquire email us at


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