Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I've always wanted to do my own vanilla essence but vanilla pods are hard to find and if you do finally found them, they are EXPENSIVE! but.... i was in luck the other day. While i was buying some stuff for my baking project, i saw vanilla pods in the store and it so happens they sell it by piece (they usually sell in grams therefore they're expensive) it was RM1.20/pc. I bought 5 of them heheheh....

i made myself vanilla sugar and vanilla essence.
so apparently all recipes for vanilla essence includes VODKA mmmmm~ well that's not an option...so after a long hard stare on the computer....searching for non alcohol based vanilla essence recipe...i finally got one...

What you need is
11/2c food glycerin
1/2c warm water
2 vanilla pods
a glass jar sterilized - i use my old coffee jar

pour glycerin and warm water in the jar.
cut the vanilla pods in the middle length wise exposing the seeds. with a small spatula or butter knife scrape it clean and put them in the glycerin mixture. stir it a bit then put in the pods as well. close the lid and keep it in a dark place. let it set/marinate there for 3weeks-4weeks. then before using it you may strain it first but if you don't mind the tiny seeds, its ok too.

this is only 3 days old...the color will slowly change to a yellowish brow (like any store bought vanilla essence does) so no worries!
*its best to use a dark jar but a clear jar is ok so long it is kept in a dark place. 


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